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Our Calming Kit is designed to support tamariki aged 3-13 navigate feelings of anxiety, or just BIG feelings in general.

Let's remember, all feelings are normal - even anxiety,! They're apart of being a living, breathing human. The Calming Kit will not make feelings disappear, however, the tools provided can teach your child how to manage these hard emotions, making them less scary and overwhelming. 

Using a Calming Kit with your child allows you to have important conversations about emotions, check in with them and explore a range of healthy coping skills together. While doing this, you also build a safe environment for your child to express their worries or ask for help when they need it. 

Raising children who feel confident managing emotions will help them not only through childhood, but throughout their lifetime too!

Check out what our Calming Kit includes below:

- 1x Roll On Calm Blend
(made to order to ensure correct dilution requirements for your child)
- 1x Bergamot Essential Oil 10ml
- 1x Cuddle Cloth
- 1x Amethyst Crystal
- 1x Tigers Eye Crystal
- 1x Affirmation Card

In order to make the custom Roll On Calm blend I'll be in touch via email (after order confirmation is received) to get the information I need, 

With love,

Laura xx

**Please note: Until your child can use all contents unsupervised safely, full adult supervision and guidance is highly recommended.**

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